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Something about me.

I like to look at myself and the people around me with a sense of humor.

And I find it inspiring to create new designs by using discarded materials.

As to styles I like all kinds of different styles in clothing and art, especially if they are quirky and bright.

After graduating as a fashion designer at the academy of Arts I was introduced into the world of theatre.

My love for that world of fantasy sparked off, and that's why I have enjoyed working as a costume designer for more than twenty five years.

I also got the opportunity to work several years as a project manager at "De Modestraat" in Amsterdam Noord.

 Here I enjoyed leading groups of refugees.

 By making clothes they could work on their personal growth and integration, we learned so much from each other.

Besides this work I participate in "The Summer of Arts" where the tower of Monickendam is my work space.

In 2020 this resulted in a collaboration with Carine Beelen LAPB.NL.

We processed discarded textiles with natural dyes and other techniques, from which wall hangings and other objects were created.

In 2021 we exhibited at Fuse-NDSM, a large installation with canvases processed with rust technique, that create a beautiful landscape.

I am currently participating in the new exhibition at Fuse "Odyssee", this time with a special collage art work.

I am always enthusiastic and open for future projects, and if you need more information please send me a message.

Best regards, Regina



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